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Here is the breakdown of your tour:


Arrival to Antalya


July 5th to July 9th  – Arrival to Antalya from Qatar 

July 5th – Arrival in Antalya

Arrival at Antalya Airport at 9AM

  • Airport pick-up and Drive to Hotel in Fethiye ($200)
    • Flamingo Hotel in Fethiye (booked by client)


July 6th and 7th- Ephesus Tour 

  • Overnight stay in Pammukale (this was the better option)

Package deal – Hotel, 2 Day Tour, and driver ($480) all included

  • You will be picked up at the Fethiye hotel and taken to Pammukale to stay at 3-star hotel in Pammukale with thermal pool (note to client – There are 4 hotels in the area, we requested anyone of them.)
  • On the 6th you will get tour of Pammukale and evening stay at the hotel
  • On the 7th you will get tour of Ephesus and then return to Fethiye where your hotel is, we will arrange driver to come pick you up. We will ensure that the tour company and the driver communicate so that when you near the hotel, the driver will be there to pick you up.
  • From here you will head to Ramada in Antalya


July 7th (night) to July 9th

  • This would be 2 nights at the Ramada
    • Cost of Hotel two nights ($400– total) – Ocean view
    • July 7th arrival at night
    • Drive from Fethiye to Antalya – $200
    • July 8 – Full Day Tour
      • Old City and Dundon Falls
      • We got a cheaper quote for tour at ($110 for 2 people)

July 9th – Departure

  • Client will book taxi with hotel to be dropped off at the



City or Tour Cost
Pick-up at Airport 9am to Flemigo Hotel $200 (due diesel cost they increased this)
Ephesus and Pammukale (Hotel, 2-day tour group tour, and travel) $480
Fethiye to Antalya – driving $200 (due diesel cost they increased this)
Ramada Hotel – Beach $400
Antalya – Old City Tour with Dundon Falls Boat tour $110
Total $1390 Total
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